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COVID - 19 

At PFP Salut we take the necessary measures for the prevention of COVID 19, for this, we only allow entry into our center with a well-placed mask, we take the temperature and do a brief health survey. 

In the case of everything being correct, we go to the room for the treatment, where the stretcher and all the material have been rigorously disinfected, we have technology for air purification. In addition, a basket with a bag for the patient's clothes is provided. The stretcher is dressed with a single-use disposable for the visit.

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Monday - Friday: 9 - 14.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 15 to 20:30.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Treatments

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy


- Preparation and pre& post-competition

- Periostitis.

- Sprains.


- Cervical vertebrals (Traffic accident)

- Lower back pain

- Tendinitis.

- Fractures.

- Carpal tunnel syndrome.


- Arthrosis / Arthritis.

Massages and other therapies

- Therapeutic massages.

- Relieving muscle spasm. ( Back pain/ Neck pain)

- Stretching & muscle energy technique. 

- Myofascial.

- Manual lymphatic drainage.

- Ear acupuncture.

-Fitness exercises (gymnastics hipopresiva). 

Physio - Esthetic

- Anti-cellulite and cavitation.

- Face lift and wrinkle filler.

- Relaxing massages:

• Chocolatherapy.

• Winetherapy.

- Treatment of scars.

- Anti - acne.

- Cuperosis.

- Anti stretch marks.

Our goal is to help you to recover from the injuries and allow you to come back to the normal activity in the shortest period of time.

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