Physiotherapy and Osteopathy PFP Salut

From PFP Salut we want to convey to people a place where you can prevent, improve, heal and restore health using techniques and the more suitable methods to restore your physical state and your psycho-emotional state.

We work on your needs, re-educating and preventing from your habits at the usual home tasks, at work or in your physical activity in order to prevent any injury. In case of injury we have all the necessary tools to get your full recovery, achieving the highest autonomy possible for you and your independence in your daily activities.

We operate in all types of injuries: car or industrial accidents, arthritis, ageing stadiums and states that include degenerative and neurological diseases, among others.

We rehabilitate common painful states and orthopaedic diseases with the latest techniques and innovative methods in a short period of time, preventing disabilities and long-term sick leaves.

Our goal is to offer personalized attention and to cure the pain or injuries at the earliest symptoms. What is more, to find the causes of them.

We are specialists in sport treatments and we are working closely with our athletes to prevent injuries, helping to increase their performance and their athletic goals.

Physic-aesthetics is also an integral part of our treatments. We enjoy caring our patients and make them feel good by offering relaxing massages and also skin care treatments to them.

Restabilize yourself with our energy therapies such as reiki. It will improve your physical and emotional health.

Do not hesitate and phone us! We will be delighted to inform you! We are waiting for you!

Silvia Macías Amat

Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Cadiz.

I am a young entrepreneur girl. I am a fighter person and I started my business in my hometown working in sports careers and events which were organized by the Government of Andalusia. Then in 2008 I came to Barcelona and I continued working at the sport branch specializing myself in this field.

I have also worked in some Mutual rehabilitation companies and in several geriatric centres.

I have always enjoyed myself directly working with the patient, doing private treatments at home, especially in the sport field (runners, tennis players, football players, etc.), but also in post-operative rehabilitation tasks (fractures, prosthesis ...), besides I have experience at neurological diseases ( a stroke with secondary hemi paresis, neurodegenerative diseases ( as atrophies) and beauty (massages and skin care: scars, stretch marks, cellulite and signs of age).

I also like doing several techniques and alternative therapies as a method of healing (reiki, angelic healing), relaxation (meditation, Tibetan bowls) and therapeutic exercises (tai-chi, yoga or pilates) are techniques, which I had worked with, as a teacher, in individual classes and in groups.

I am an active person, I enjoy my work and I have a restless mind. I like learning and being interested in the latest techniques about scientific advances. I would like you come and meet me!