Physiotherapy and Osteopathy session

 Not only in the first session we seek an improvement on their injury and their symptoms, but we also worry about treating the cause, working on it and studying why the injury occurred. At the same time, we continue doing our stretching exercises and you will have a clear pathway to recovery and how to avoid an injury in the future.

We are experts in the sports field. This is one of the reasons why we accompany you during sports injuries. Moreover, Salut PFP works on prevention, recuperation and rehabilitation after injury. We like working with our athletes in their daily routine as they are training by adding exercises and stretches to prevent injuries. We help them and we give them advices on how to achieve their goals speaking in sports themes. In our sessions, we guide and evaluate our athletes on their muscular and articular exercises.

After the injury, our work doesn't finish on that point. It is important to continue working on prevention and its cure avoiding recurrences. For this reason, we guide them when they decide to come back to the activity doing it progressive and safe.


As we know, massage is a great technique to work our bodies and even our mind as it helps us to turn away from our concerns and everything that it brings and delivers to our body.

As the same way we are not equal between us, every person needs a different massage. In PFP Salut we are aware of that. Consequently, we know perfectly how to adapt ourselves to your necessities. In addition, we know how to make an invigorate massage that fill you with energy, necessary to face up your everyday life. What is more, is essential to have a moment of relaxation to make a reset. In this case we recommend you trying a massage made by the most gentle and relaxing oil. Even we can shroud you for example in wine, using its properties to your care and enjoyment.

We also offer alternative therapies with traditional techniques like auriculotherapy in which the acupressure at certain points of the ear is done with seeds or magnets in order to help you during the process of recovery, anxiety, insomnia, slimming, etc. 

Physic - aesthetic in PFP Salut 

In PFP Salut we want you to feel and see yourself good. That is why we use the technology alongside the best products which are applied in your body through hands with the technique and the study of a health care professional like a physical therapist.

Being aware of this knowledge we advice you and treat you in different areas getting results from the very first sessions. Without demanding you heavy sacrifices we can achieve an improvement in the condition of the skin as to Orange Skin, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, etc.

On the other hand, we can help you lose that localized fat which is the hardest one to eliminate despite being on a diet for a long time and moreover, without the need to sweat for hours in a gym. Physical activity will help you to achieve the results, in addition to the help of technology, products, and advices. Above all, with a hand therapy you can reduce those cm as well as get a vascularised, smooth and shiny skin.

For this miraculous formula you just need two things; the conviction that "I am fine" and "I will be better" with the help that we can offer you with our work.